Mangala Srinivas, Nijmegen, Radboud, 19F MRI, cell tracking, multimodal imaging, nanoparticles, PET, SPECT, cell therapy, dendritic, T, macrophage, plaque, cardiovascular, research, in vivo, photoacoustic, optoacoustic, ultrasound, fluorescence, tumour, clinical, GMP, YAE


Research SUMMARY

Koen is working on several projects within the group, and also within the department. He is experienced with mouse handling and surgery, as well as handling radioactivity. Koen is particularly focused on nanoparticle production, including microfluidic systems.

brief c.v.

2009-2013 BSc Life Sciences, specialization Zoology obtained at the Hogeschool Utrecht

Thesis title: The state of spiral ganglion cells eight weeks after neurotrophic treatment

2014-2015: Research technician at Otorhinolaryngology laboratium UMC Utrecht.

2016- present: Research technician at Multi Scale Imaging laboratory


Outside work, Koen is a part of the scout team, where he acts as a scoutleader. His main role is to teach young scouts (age 11-14) important social and practical skills. Besides that, Koen is also an Awardleader on a national level, where he guides other scouts on how to achieve The International Award For Young People. Thanks to the scounting experience Koen improved his soft skills, such as communication, interpersonal skills, patience and responsibility. He now uses these skills in the lab settings, where he patiently explains complex things to his colleagues. 


1.     Design of triphasic poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles containing a perfluorocarbon phase for biomedical applications

Edyta SwiderAlexander H. J. StaalN. Koen van RiessenLinsey JacobsPaul B. WhiteRemco FokkinkGeert-Jan JanssenEric van DintherCarl G. FigdorI. Jolanda M. de VriesOlga KoshkinaMangala Srinivas

RSC Adv., 2018,8, 6460-6470 

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