We have access to several top-notch facilities and expertise. Here we list some that we use frequently.


department of tumor immunology (til)

We are embedded in the TIL, a leader in dendritic cell therapy clinical trials. This is an excellent setting to test our imaging agents. We also have access to cleanroom facilities for producing GMP-grade agents, as well as expertise in setting up such protocols.

Preclinical Imaging center (PRIME)

The PRIME provides access to MRI, PET/CT, SPECT/CT, microCT, fluorescence, bioluminescence, intravital, ultrasound and optoacoustic imaging facilities. This is combined with animal housing all on the same floor. Thus, this is ideal for our multimodal imaging work.



radboud umc

The research hospital has excellent clinical imaging facilities, as well as access to patient material.  

radboud university

The university has research equipment for chemical characterisation, which we use to study our nanoparticle imaging agents. In particular, we work within the internal theme "Nanomedicine".